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Web hosting options throughout the internet industry can be confusing at best and misleading at worst. We try to suit each client with what they need at superior value and with superior service with the options of peripheral  web design, advertising or promotion.

We also offer select credit card payment processing options to qualified companies

Our marketing of goods and services throughout the internet using both keyword promotion and well placed banner advertising is a useful strategic tool for both small and large business.


Our full style - web hosting options and servers .


We provide what you need at a price commensurate with your usage.



Webstream - Great and reliable long term plans. Unix + NT


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Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus flowers

Simple web hosting - made simple


Everybody's a reseller! Once you open an account with us, you immediately get reseller status. No applications, no waiting, no approval process and absolutely no fees! Every additional account you register receives its own dedicated resources and you get a 20% discount!

For example, you register your first account with us. You select a Beginner's Plan. You then register ten more sites, all Beginner's Plans. You only get charged discount price per year for each additional site. You can resell these for whatever you wish, we don't mind. You can make a profit without any of the headaches associated with network management.

There is no cost to become a Standard Reseller! Just sign up one account and receive 20% off additional accounts registered to you immediately!

Over 10 accounts and the discount rises to 25%

This applies only to hosting fees.

Setup charges and peripherals are the same for each account.


Fostac - protect your loved ones

PC E guardian - protect your children whilst they surf the internet


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