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To order flowers and plants online please fill in the form below.
If you prefer to send your details by fax, just print the form and fax it to
 00357 24 627489 - phone us on 00357  24 665408

Please note that on important Name Days, Valentine's Day, Christmas and the Easter holidays the earlier you get your order in the better. Please allow at least 48 hours for guaranteed delivery. We will of course try our utmost however short the notice, but to avoid disappointment, the earlier the better.
If you are not a member and wish an order to be processed on the same day, or the next morning, please print the order form and sign it and fax it to 00357 24 627489. This will ensure that we can process your order immediately on receipt and make you a member.
Please ensure that you submit all the correct information. We cannot deliver if we do not have a contact telephone number of the recipient. As well as a land line number a mobile number is always an advantage, and no,  we will not spoil the surprise.

We are a member of Netcheck - we take our service seriously

Please provide the following contact information:

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Please provide the contact information for the person/s to whom the flowers are to be delivered

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Please let us know if the flowers are : 

Please enter details below about what you want. Also use this box if you want to send *chocolates, gifts or bubbly as well. (Please note * these are an added service, we do not just deliver chocolates etc, they must be accompanied by a flower order.)

Select one item by clicking it - scroll down to select more than one by using Ctrl and click.

Enter the date you wish for delivery

If recipient is not resident in Cyprus, please give their departure date

Delivery charges, please select your location. Delivery charges are kept up to date here.

If your location is not in a main town and is not shown above then the delivery charge may vary. If you wish us to inform you of the delivery charges for that area then do not tick the box below

If you want us to deliver anyway, before we inform you - tick in the box.

Please enter the message that you would like written on the card.

Please provide the following payment information

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Credit card number
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Last 3 digits on the back of the card 
Amount authorised    

Please enter any other information you feel to be important or helpful about this order. Also enter if you would like a gift such as chocolates, champagne, teddy bear, wine or children's birthday gift to be sent along with your order, and the amount you would like to budget for this gift in Euros.

Please press submit once only, them wait for confirmation. We will be in touch with you shortly by e mail.

Thank you for your valued custom.

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To contact us phone 00357 24 665408
                    or fax on 00357 24 627489

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