Our half price hosting packages


When you signup with our Hosting, you'll get things that very few other providers will give you. Take a look at the following items:


 Domain transfers and registrations are completed quickly.


Your account is setup personally and tested for errors. Start using your web space within a short time of signup up and payment. 


An unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.* Excluding set-up fee. 

Your hosting fee is likely to be at our starter plan level - this is a simple once only set up fee of 50 with a yearly charge of 110 - this gives you up to 20MB of space, e mail and your site will reside on its own virtual domain. The next plan up is 175 for 30MB or 235 a year gives you up to 50MB of space - please contact us for pricing on your own dedicated server or to work out just what plan you need for your website.


We support almost every version of  Microsoft technology. We support ASP, SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft FrontPage, Visual InterDev and a wide range of standard components such as ASP Mail and others.


Please take a few minutes to browse this section of our website. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You may send an email to info@jadepremier.com


Once you select the plan that fits your needs, you can fill out our online signup form to have your account set up. You'll get immediate access* to begin uploading your files, creating email addresses and configuring your site to go live.


PC E guardian - protect your children whilst they surf the internet - or check out every key stroke made from your computer!


Our price / package is hard to beat !


Jade Premier web hosting options

- Virtual hosting

  Non-virtual hosting